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Izest Posture Vest
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Izest Posture Vest
Price RM389.00 RM445.00
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iZEST™ Posture Vest is an innovative physiotherapy device specially designed to help straighten out the slouch and reinforce good postural habit in an easy and natural manner. With iZEST™ Posture Vest, improving posture is simple, convenient and effective.


Stretching The Shoulders

The shoulder straps generate a pulling effect, just like two invisible hands gently pulling the shoulders outwards. Rolling back the shoulders and opening up the chest allow better breathing space and lung cavity. It also showcases the feminine beauty of ladies and the masculinity of men.

This corrective force corrects stooped shoulders or round shoulders.


Straightening The Back

The back strap generates a pulling effect, gently holding the upper body in a correct posture to allow the spine to develop normally and more space for the internal organs to function properly.

This corrective force straightens the back and corrects the forward head posture.


Firming Up The Tummy

The waistband is tightened up and fixed below the navel. Every time you sit upright or stand up straight, it’s an opportunity to build up the strength of the abdominal muscle to support the body structure. Every time you sit or stand proper and tug in the tummy, it’s also a chance to develop a flat tummy.

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29 December 2022

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2 December 2022

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2 December 2022

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2 December 2022

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2 December 2022